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·      The Star Alpine Ski Club (SASC) lodge is predominantly for the use of SASC members.

·      No-one is allowed to stay at the lodge without a booking having been made in advance of arrival at the lodge.

·      The aim of the booking rules is to ensure that all members and families have plenty of access to the lodge throughout the ski season (even if bookings have not been made on the preferential booking nights).

·      Members will have priority, particularly during the Interschool Snowsport Championships, School Holidays and on weekends.

·      Guests are very welcome to stay at the lodge provided they are accompanied by a member.

·      It is not intended that the lodge be booked out by non-members, unaccompanied guests or unaccompanied groups during the ski season.

·      The rules are the rules and they apply so that there is minimum discretion for the Booking Officer and maximum consistency for members.



Bookings will only be accepted from members who are fully paid up and have no outstanding money owing or debts to the club for levies, accommodation, lockers etc.


The Booking Officer for 2017 is Darren Cheney and he can be reached by email or by telephone on 0412 750 902



Each member (shareholder) has a preferential entitlement to 84 bed nights as follows:

·      8 weekend (Fri - Sat) bed nights plus 20 midweek (Sun - Thurs) bed nights during the first preferential booking night (see section 2c).  Please note that this includes bookings for the Victorian Inter-School Snowsport Championships – refer to section 2e.

·      8 weekend plus 20 midweek bed nights during the second preferential booking night.

·      8 weekend plus 20 midweek bed nights during the third preferential booking night.

Thus, a member plus spouse and two children booking for one weekend and one mid-week period will use all their preferential entitlement during the first preferential booking night.

On each of the second and third preferential booking nights, the member will be able to book, for example, another weekend and another mid week period (or other combination).

Following the first three preferential booking nights (see section 2c), any number of bed nights may be booked by the member for the member’s eligible family (see Eligibility 3c) from Monday 22nd May 2017 (see section 2d).

Note 1:   If a member's family (member spouse and children) is greater than four, then their entitlement is increased to permit the family to ski together.

Note 2:   Accompanied guests (see 2g) may be booked during these three preferential booking nights, as part of the member’s preferential entitlement.



The preferred method of placing booking requests on the preferential booking nights is by email.  Members will need to email their booking request in the ‘Accommodation Request Form’ to the Booking Officer between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on each booking night (see below).  Members are encouraged to include a second request in case the first request cannot be met.  Telephone contact details are to be provided to assist the Booking Officer to clarify details with members if needed.

Please note that booking emails received prior to the designated time of 7:30 pm will not be accepted.

For those members unable to access the internet, booking requests can still be made via phone (but not confirmed) between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on the preferential booking nights.

The Booking Officer will subsequently send an email, or call those without access to the internet, to confirm bookings and outline details including room allocation and payment amounts deducted from the member’s bank account or credit card. It is expected that bookings will be confirmed and sleeping allocation advised within 72 hours of the booking request being made.

Booking requests will be accepted for one family entitlement per email/telephone call.  If one member is booking for another member, a separate email/telephone call must be made (to help with logistics planning).

Please note: It is intended that members who do not get their first request on an previous preferential booking night, will be given first preference on the subsequent preferential booking night.

Separate bookings for Friday or Saturday night are generally not allowed. However, Saturday night alone may be booked if still available on the day before (i.e. Friday after 5pm).  This will allow usage of the lodge on the Saturday night if bookings for the weekend have not been made.

Any booking must be made in advance and prior to arriving at the Lodge.  Any breach of this provision may result in a financial penalty being imposed by the Committee.

Booking nights allocated for the 2017 season are as follows:

·         Booking Night 1 - Wednesday 3rd May - for members' first preferential entitlement of 28 bed nights – see section 2b (this entitlement includes bookings for the Victorian Interschool Snowsport Championships which will be coordinated before the first booking night see section 2e).

·         Booking Night 2 - Wednesday 10th May - for members' second preferential entitlement.

·         Booking Night 3 - Wednesday 17th May - for members' third preferential entitlement.


2d. ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM from Monday 22nd May onwards

All bookings are to be made via the on line booking system from Monday 22nd May 2017 onwards at:

Bookings will be reviewed by the Booking Officer to confirm that they comply with the booking rules.  Bookings that do not comply will be cancelled and the member subsequently advised by email.

NO online bookings will be accepted before Monday 22nd May 2017.

For all questions or concerns regarding the online system please contact Darren Cheney




Members with children participating in the Victorian Interschool Snowsport Championships at Mt Buller from Monday 21st August to Sunday 28th August 2016 will be given preference for this week, as part of their membership entitlement for the first and second preferential booking nights.  Bookings must be made for the Friday and Saturday nights leading into Interschools (plus the required Interschools period) to cater for the Sunday morning start to the competition.

Please contact Darren by email on Monday 11th April if you have children participating in the Championships and have a booking request for this period. Darren will then allocate beds after consultation with all interested parties and make these bookings on your behalf.


The aim of lodge bookings during this period is to allow as many members as possible, who are actually competing in the Interschools, to use the lodge.  To achieve this, the Booking Officer:

·      will not book guests during the first preferential booking night for Interschools;


·      will manage the booking applications to maximise the number of competing children and give them preference over those who are not competing;

·      will request that only one parent attend if it means that additional competing members children can attend;

·      once the applications are complete and where there is availability, will make beds available to members not competing and then to guests.



The July school holiday period is designated MEMBERS ONLY for all bookings made during the three preferential booking nights.



Use of the lodge by guests is encouraged under certain conditions - as set out below.

Guests must be accompanied by a sponsoring adult member (over 18 years old).

Unaccompanied guests are not allowed.

Members may book accompanied guests under their preferential entitlement (except in respect of the July school holidays) and at any time on or after Mon 22nd May 2017 (but no more than six per night on weekends and no more than ten per night during midweek).  

Guests may not book directly with the Booking Officer.  

The sponsoring adult member is responsible for:

·         making and confirming all guest bookings,

·         providing the surname of the guests at the time of booking

·         providing payment to the Booking Officer,

·         explaining the lodge rules to guests (see below),

·         ensuring appropriate behaviour by the guest while staying at the lodge.

Sponsoring members will be held responsible for their guest’s understanding and observance of the rules of the lodge.  To assist, sponsoring members are to provide guests with a copy of the ‘Guidelines for Staying at Star Alpine’.

Unaccompanied group bookings are not allowed.  They may be considered by the Committee but will be charged at full commercial rates and include a cleaning fee.




Bookings can only be made for unaccompanied minors (under 18 years old), when either an adult member has agreed to sponsor and take full responsibility for the minor. The adult sponsor must be staying in the lodge for the full duration of the minor’s stay



The club has provided 4 mattresses to allow for the lodge to accommodate 28 persons over the weekend.  The rules for booking these extra beds are:

1.      The beds will be only available for weekend use, that is, Friday and Saturday nights.

2.      As these are considered to be extra bed spaces, normal bed fees will apply.

3.      The mattresses will be stored in the rumpus room under the table tennis table.

4.      The mattresses can be moved to a bedroom, provided that all the room’s occupants are in favour, but they must be returned to the rumpus room on Sunday.

5.      The rumpus room will remain a community area with full access at anytime during the day, and at night up to a “reasonable” hour.

6.      As the rumpus room will still be available to other members/guests, mattresses, bedding and personal belongings are to be stored during the day in a tidy way in the cupboards provided.

7.      Specific space in the refrigerator will not be allocated, but it is available for the use of the “mattress members”.

8.      A food cupboard will be made available to the “mattress members”.


Should there be any problems with this arrangement, please see the member Duty Officer.





Bed fees for the 2017 winter season are as follows:

Mid week - Sunday night through to Thursday night

Members:       Adult $30 / Child $15 (under 18 years)

Guests:            Adult $80 / Child $45 (under 18 years)

Winter season rates are applicable between the official opening and closing dates of the season, regardless of snow conditions.


Weekend – Friday and Saturday nights

Members:       Adult $30 / Child $15 (under 18 years)

Guests:            Adult $80 / Child $45 (under 18 years)


Summer rates apply outside the defined winter season, that is, after the close of the ski season in September 2017, and before opening in June 2018.

Members:       Adult $20/ Child $ 10.00 (under 18 years)

Guests:            Adult $40/ Child $20 (under 18 years)



Those eligible for member fee rates are financial members, their spouses, sons and daughters and paid up Associate members.

All other persons are classified as guests for the purpose of determining bed fees.

Children: “Children” must be under 18 on 1 June 2017



Once a member’s $450 worth of accommodation, under the annual levy, has been allocated then payments for further bookings must be made at the time of booking by credit card or direct transfer:

         At the time of booking, the member’s credit card will be debited for accommodation costs.

Bookings are non-transferable, that is, the name of the member/guest recorded on the booking sheet is the only person with a valid booking for accommodation.



There are some important conditions relating to cancellations and booking changes for the 2017 year and these are set out below.

·      Cancellations prior to one week of the booked date will incur a BED CREDIT (not refund) to be used within the same ski season or before 31st March 2018 (please note that all bookings must be paid for regardless of when the cancellation is made).

·      Bookings cancelled within one week of the booked date will incur a 100% penalty.

·      All cancellations must be in writing to the booking officer to be eligible for Credit.

·      Any medical issue that causes a member to cancel a booking and request a refund - will be reviewed by the committee with refunds only provided in exceptional circumstances.

·      Bookings made on the preferential booking nights can not be switched from member to guest without first being cancelled and then rebooked on the following booking night.

Please be considerate of your fellow members:

If a member has a booking and is unable to actually use it at the last minute, please contact the Booking Officer ASAP - who will then cancel the booking in the online system.  If possible, The Booking Officer will seek to email all members to alert them to the availability of accommodation – particularly where the cancellation is at short notice (this gives other members the opportunity to make a last minute booking that they may not have known was available).




No waiting list is kept by the Booking Officer.  Vacancies and bookings are available to view on our web site at  The Booking Officer will endeavour to advise all members on any vacancies that arise due to last minute cancellations.



The front door combination will change each season. The combination will be advised to all members immediately prior to the season commencement.

The combination may be changed for security reasons at any time during the season and, should this occur, members will be immediately advised.

During the summer season, the combination is available from GARY CROPLEY on 0417 300 815